About us

Welcome to Villa Relax!
I am Márta Pintér, owner and operator of Villa Relax accommodation.
I have lived in Gárdony since I was a child, so I am connected with the city, Lake Velence and the house, which is none other than Villa Relax.
The property was bought by my grandparents in the forties, where my father then lived. I was also born in this house, and my children also grew up here. In 2008, the house was completely rebuilt, modernized and refreshed with a new living space.

We moved out of the house in 2017, then we didn't know what to do with our beloved home. We didn't want to sell or rent it out, we wanted to continue taking care of it ourselves. That's when the idea was born to utilize it in a way that gives us the opportunity to remain present in the everyday life of the house and continue to bring joy to those who come here.

It was given a name that faithfully reflects the atmosphere of the house and the possibility of pleasant relaxation.
That's how it got its name: Villa Relax.
Due to its increasing number of visitors over the years, Villa Relax has been continuously expanded and now includes several accommodations. These are Villa Relax Guest House, Comfort Home and Apartment.
"Our mission is that families and groups of friends can relax in a homely, yet luxurious environment, on the shores of Lake Venice."
If you would also like to taste the world of Villa Relax, we look forward to welcoming you!

With kind regards,
Márta Pintér
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