Booking conditions


It is possible to reserve the accommodation by contacting us by phone or e-mail and by transferring 50% of the accommodation fee as a deposit.


The deposit for the reservation must be transferred to the account number in the confirmation within 5 working days. We will send feedback on the transfer. The reservation is considered to have been made upon the arrival of the person making the reservation, until that time either party can cancel it without any obligation.

We ask that you pay the rest of the accommodation fee on arrival, in a lump sum, for the entire booked period.


In case of cancellation, the reservation will be refunded 30 days before arrival, but after that we will not be able to refund it.

In the case of an earlier departure, the number of booked days is decisive.


The accommodation can be used with the specified maximum number of people. If required, an extra bed can be requested at HUF 5,000/person. 

We have prepared an information book for our guests, in which, in addition to local points of interest and program offers, the rules of Villa Relax are also included, covering damages, internet use and other points to be observed.
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