WELCOME in the renewed world of VILLA RELAX!

Choose the accommodation that suits your needs:

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komfortlak 169

KomfortFlat for 6people!
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apartman 6 169

Apartment for 4 people!
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vendeghaz 15

Guest hause for 10 people!

Villa Relax is a special hiding place for those, who love active

relaxation and recreation,and for those, who would like to

escape from the pressure of boring everyday life. 

The restrained elegance within the walls of Villa Relax, along

with peace and calmness, immediately charm the visitors.

There is airiness, beauty and clean design that blends with the

homely, but also luxury living space.

The friendly flora of the courtyard connects relaxing visitors with

the close nature.

An extremely active world opens to the visitor beyond the fence,

a few yards from the Villa Relax. This world is full of footpaths,

hiking and bike routes, guiding the wanderer to many interesting

places around the Lake Velencei.

Whoever visited us, enjoyed the welcoming atmosphere of the

Villa Relax and will return again, locking us in their heart. They

will return, as they already know that both body and soul will

find peace here..


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